Olympia Building

2-16 Orr Street, Bridgeton Cross, Glasgow G40 2QH

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A much-loved and landmark building in the heart of Bridgeton Cross, which opened in September 1911 had served the community, primarily as a theatre and cinema, for more than 70 years before closing in the mid-90s. Responding to local wishes, Clyde Gateway started construction on an £8m project which involved retaining the B-listed façade but demolishing the rest of the building and replacing it with a completely new structure. The new-look Olympia re-opened to great acclaim in December 2012 with a public library and café on the ground floor, a High Performance Centre for Boxing on the first floor and two top floors of spectacular and distinctive office space, by 2018 it had become home to almost 150 employees across a number if high profile organisations, including Glasgow City Council, the University of Glasgow, Population for Health and the new HQ for Clyde Gateway.

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